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Cotton money belt

Standard Cotton Money Belt

SKU: StandardMbelt

The use of a money belt is essential, it is secure, out of site and worn next to the skin, making it very hard for the opportunistic theif.

Money security must not be taken lightly when travelling, there is nothing more upsetting than becoming a victim of theft, it can totally ruin a trip or holiday
With a little thought and preparation you can help avoid the headache of loosing money valuables and passports.
When heading overseas it is well worth doing your homework and researching the country, not only to discover the beauty and sights you will see but also its scams you may encounter.


  • Tech Specs

    • Manufactured from soft natural 100% cotton
    • Strong Zip
    • Elastic waist band, for comfort
    • D ring fasteners
    • Size: 27cm x 13cm
    • Item: one
  • Features

    • A single compartment money belt manufactured from soft cotton with an adjustable elastic waistband, lightweight and washable.
    • Can easily store pasports, money and cards
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