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Deet Free Midge and insect repellent spray

Lifesystems Midge and Insect Repellent

SKU: LifeSystemsMidge

Midge DEET free repellent formula contains the active ingredient Saltidin to provide increased protection from midges and smaller biting insects.

The 20% Saltidin based formulation offers medium-high level protection against biting insects for up to 8 hours. It is more suited for sensitive skin than DEET based repellents and is also suitable for use on children over 2 years of age. 100ml pump spray

  • Tech Specs

    • Volume: 100ml
  • Features

    • Contains Saltidin - medium-high level protection
    • DEET free formula offers up to 8 hours protection
    • Durable aluminium bottle with pump-spray top
    • Suitable for children over 2 years
    • The repellent will last 24 months from when it is first opened
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